In a historic vote, more than 3,000 Democrats and independent voters cast ballots in District 68’s first Democratic primary in over a decade.

The last time a Democrat ran for the seat was 2010. In that year’s general election, the candidate got 3,188 votes; the June 26th, 2018 primary drew an impressive 3,424 voters.

“This is an incredible moment,” Michael Ross said on Tuesday night. “I am so proud of the campaign we’ve run, and seeing how strong the get-out-the-vote effort has been is truly inspiring.”

Ross is one of two candidates who will next compete in an August 28th runoff to determine the party’s nominee. From there, the winner will appear on the general election ballot.

“I am excited to keep this campaign going forward, bringing a message of better education, better healthcare, and a better Oklahoma for everyone with us,” Ross continued. “We’re going to take that message all the way to Oklahoma City.”