Safe Schools
Support Healthcare
Protect Workers
A Safer Oklahoma

Putting People First

Since it was first diagnosed in Oklahoma back in March, COVID-19 has had an undeniable impact on life in our community.

The campaign for the legislature is no exception, and I have been proactive in using a variety of safer approaches to communicating with you. Transparency and openness are vital to doing the people's work, and you should expect nothing less from your representative.

I am the only candidate in this race who was impacted by school closures as both a public school parent AND a teacher, and I will bring that first-hand experience to the House as we prepare for the road ahead. Being on both sides of the digital teacher's desk is a uniquely valuable perspective.

COVID-19 will not disappear overnight, but I am dedicated to providing leadership to our state as we navigate the way forward.

Transparency & Accountability

Oklahomans must have continued access to data regarding COVID-19 and other public health concerns. Legislation should be adopted to protect your access to the facts.

Quarantine Protection

Oklahoma's status as an "at will" state puts many vulnerable people at risk in the event of a quarantine. We must enact a law preventing firing due to a pandemic-related quarantine.

Committed to Safe Schools

The legislature must provide adequate support and funding to OSDE and local districts. Provisions need to be made for contact tracing, quarantine, and proper sick leave in our schools.

Support for Statewide Safety Measures

The state has failed our communities by pushing responsibility for public health on to cities and towns. A virus doesn't recognize city limits, and a statewide health plan is needed.

Responsible to You


It's the responsibility of elected officials to gather the most current data and analysis – and to share findings with constituents in a variety of ways to ensure the message gets out.


Elected officials have a responsibility to advocate for best practices which will reduce harm to constituents and for governance that places public safety first during a crisis – regardless of if their chamber is in session.


Your Representative should prioritize keeping your family and your community safe. That is why every bill presented in the next session should have an end goal of minimizing harm to Oklahomans and providing protection to the state in the face of an ongoing pandemic.