Main issues

As a lifelong Oklahoman with family roots that go back to territorial times, Michael Ross has seen the state through nearly four decades of successes and struggles. It is with this in mind that he’s set out to be a legislator who will fight for a more just, equitable, and livable state for all of its people.

“We owe it to our children and to ourselves to work together to build an Oklahoma that lives up to all that we know it could be.”

The Ross campaign is focused on undoing the damage done to the state by over a decade of austerity, particularly in its education system; creating a healthier Oklahoma by claiming our share of federal funds in order to alleviate insurance costs and restoring revenue to local hospitals; and giving Oklahomans a more modern state in which opportunity is expanded for all.


A free public education for all children is a principle so central to Oklahoma that it is promised in the state’s Constitution. In the past decade, though, decisions made at the Capitol have left that promise tarnished. As Representative, Michael Ross will fight to honor the commitment made in Article III, giving children an education that empowers and equips them for the future. As a career classroom teacher and second-generation Oklahoma educator, Michael has seen the effects of the legislature’s inaction on our state’s classrooms. Once elected, Michael will make the reversal of a decade’s decline in classroom funding a...

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With healthcare costs rising and insurance costs often taking as much a third of Oklahomans’ paychecks or more, the state has found its quality of life under attack. It’s with this in mind that Michael Ross will step up to bring costs down wherever possible. Michael believes that it’s time to end our state’s status as a “donor state” by reversing the legislature’s decision to reject Medicaid expansion funds. There is simply too much at risk for Oklahoma to go on underwriting healthcare in states like California and not claim our rightful share to provide services for Oklahomans, bringing down...

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An Oklahoma for Everyone

As State Representative, Michael will work to build a more equitable Oklahoma on a variety of fronts. In order to allow greater access and convenience to Oklahomans, Michael will work to implement automatic voter registration, a policy already adopted by 11 states and the District of Columbia. This process increases convenience for voters and is an effective tool against voter fraud while lowering costs. (For example, Delaware saved over $200,000 in the first year of automatic registration alone.) With state services seriously impacted by over a decade of budget cuts, Michael will fight for a budget that is fair to...

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