Michael Ross, candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 68

With healthcare costs rising and insurance costs often taking as much a third of Oklahomans’ paychecks or more, the state has found its quality of life under attack. It’s with this in mind that Michael Ross will step up to bring costs down wherever possible.

Michael believes that it’s time to end our state’s status as a “donor state” by reversing the legislature’s decision to reject Medicaid expansion funds. There is simply too much at risk for Oklahoma to go on underwriting healthcare in states like California and not claim our rightful share to provide services for Oklahomans, bringing down costs and restoring services to community hospitals.

Michael will also support action to curb price gouging in the prescription drug market. He believes that our friends and neighbors- should never be forced to choose between life-saving medication and groceries, and supports the importation of pharmaceuticals from Canada when shown to be safe and cost-effective. Michael also supports taking legal action against companies found to be manipulating costs in order to put profits over people.